Head office of BOGAZICI is located in Istanbul / Turkey. BOGAZICI Shipyard where the shipbuilding facilities take place is in Altınova - Yalova,Turkey.
So far, BOGAZICI has built the Vessels (Tug Boats) in its long term leased shipyards located in Tuzla/Istanbul.


New modern shipyard

The construction of the new, owned, most modern technology shipyard facility of BOGAZICI called “BOGAZICI SHIPYARD” has been completed in mid of April 2020 at Altinova – Yalova / Turkey, and now in service of worldwide ship owners, operators, port authorities and government bodies who demand highest quality, on time delivery, tailor made requirements and professional and quick aftersale service all around the World, for their full satisfaction with low costs.

The new BOGAZICI Shipyard is based on total area of 33,000 m2 with 65 m wharf. Annual Steel Processing Capacity of the Shipyard is 15,000 T.

There are two (2) different shipbuilding area in the Shipyard ;

Area 1

The Indoor Shipbuilding Hall is 5,500 m2 and total 172 m long and 30 m clear width for building of Tug Boats, other workboats and special vessels ;

122 m of them is with 30 m clear height, and
50 m of them is with 15 m clear height.

In Indoor Shipbuilding Hall ;

A- CNC Steel Cutting facility of 2 x 15 m x 3 m steel plates,

B – Four (4) Overhead Cranes ;
2 x 63 T,
2 x 32 T,
2 x 20 T,
2 x 10 T.

Area 2

Slipway for building of heavier and bigger Vessels such as ferryboats, fishing vessels, offshore vessels and Cargo vessels ;

130 m x 25 m (land),
70 m x 10 m (in water),
5 degree launching angle,
1,000 m2 office area and social facilities for workers (under slipway)

Gantry Crane over the Slipway ;

2 x 100 T + 10 T Lifting,
45 m clear hook height,
200 m rail length

The whole processes carried out at the shipyard comply with all International rules & regulations in terms of Health, Safety and Environment protection. Our HSE Policy is implemented based on the OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards. BOGAZICI Shipyard builds environmentally friendly vessels at environment friendly conditions. The achievement and assurance of satisfactory quality standards of the Company are supported by ISO 9001 quality management standards applied.